Live at Don Quijote (complete CD)


We set up the mike and promptly forgot about it.

I had the pleasure of playing at Don Quijote restaurant in Milwaukee for six years. My son Joey used to sit in and accompany me whenever he could.

When he went off to college, we invited all our friends to a final farewell performance. One of my friends, Dean Zemel, asked if he could record it on his mini-disc recorder. We said “sure”, set it up on a chair in front of us, and promptly forgot about it.

This album is the result. Live at Don Quijote celebrates not only the music but the restaurant itself, with evocative photos of the original Don Quijote and the Salas family. It is dedicated “to Elena Salas and her wonderful family–for creating the magical place where this music came to life.”

To download individual tracks, click here.


3 replies on “Live at Don Quijote (complete CD)”

Hi Bob! Glad to find this online, had a craving for some of your old playing! I play Monterey on my nylon string gtr regularly, it is one of my favs. Hope you’re still playing and all the best to you and Jane!

Scott W

Wow – super cool, fast response too! Yes Samb mentioned you were traveling non-stop, my parents are living a similar lifestyle now that they’re retired. HK is an amazing place, I’ll be back there in a month, looking forward to it. Listening to the Dada tuning now – safe travels!

Hi, Scott. How great to hear from you. Very happy to hear you are enjoying my music.

Yes, I’m doing some really interesting and innovative new flamenco stuff. I hope to do a recording or a video when we visit Joey in February. In the meantime, I went through another phase a few years ago when I was playing entirely with my guitar tuned to DADADD (Sam dubbed this the Dada tuning, of course). Here’s a limited but interesting sample that I recorded for one of Jane’s photo-videos:

We are in Dubrovnik, Croatia at the moment. We have been nomads for the last three years, living in 14 different countries. One of our very favorites, by the way, was Hong Kong. See

Please let me know that you received this reply, since I don’t if you will get the notification. If not, I’ll get your email from Sam.


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