Each Moment Is Like a Precious Diamond

Living Your Life to the Fullest
Through Ancient Yoga Wisdom

Articles, Poems, and Interviews
from Elephant Journal’s Early Years

From the Introduction

This book is a labor of love, a love for the ancient wisdom of Yoga, which has enriched my life immeasurably.

The story of how I arrived here is told in the very first article below, “Stephen Cope Changed My Life. He Might Change Yours, Too.” You’ll see why I’ve dedicated this book to Stephen Cope. For me, it all started with him.

I had the great pleasure of serving as the first Yoga Editor for Elephant Journal in its earliest years as an online publication. Most of these articles were originally published there.

You will find a lot of variety here—articles, poetry, fiction, interviews–something for everyone. I like to think this is a book where you can read it straight through, or browse through the Table of Contents and pick out titles that interest you, whether it’s something short and light like “What If Every Breath You Took Was Like Eating a Bite of Chocolate Cake?” or something long and on the heavy side, like “Bob Meets Baba: Entrepreneur Meets Sadhu”.

I hope you will enjoy reading and browsing this book as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Welcome to you all.

–Bob Weisenberg

Complete Table of Contents


Articles and Poems

Stephen Cope Changed My Life. He Might Change Yours, Too.

Yoga Demystified: The Six Big Ideas

Bhagavad Gita for a Fish

Ten Things I Learned from Listening to All 27 Mozart Piano Concertos

Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell: Big Ideas & Best Quotations

Each Moment is Like a Precious Diamond

Bob vs. Buddhism: The Satisfying Conclusion

Six Short Poems About Joy

–Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?

–Your Next Masterpiece

–Silence is the Roar of the Universe


–Like Waves or Ocean?

–Through the Window

Will the Real Bhagavad Gita Please Stand Up?

My Father: Starting Yoga at 87

Should We Worship the Sun, or Should the Sun Worship Us?

Effortless Wellbeing: Meditation as Everyday Life

The Meaning of Life–Who Cares?

True or False?  Physical Yoga Has Influenced America More than Spiritual Yoga.


My Dinner with Vyasa: The Legendary Author of the Bhagavad Gita Comes Out of Hiding to Answer All Our Questions (After 2300 Years)


How to Live an Extraordinary Life ~ Kripalu’s Stephen Cope

Yoga Can Change the World. Get Yourself Out of the Way! Kripalu’s Stephen Cope, Part 2

How Yoga Has Transformed American Spirituality: An Interview with Phil Goldberg, “American Veda”

Short Takes

What If Every Breath You Took Was Like Eating a Bite of Chocolate Cake?

Please Help: Am I Going Bonkers or Have I Reached Nirvana?

Yoga Tennis

Falling Head-Over-Heals in Love with the Universe

Albert Einstein as Yoga Sage

Coming to Terms with Infinite Joy

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Enlightenment in a Snow Shovel

Whenever Things Get Difficult or Complicated, I Always Return to This

Different Yoga Strokes for Different Yoga Folks

Living Upside Down

The Rest is Commentary

My Daughter Doesn’t Understand Me

Flamenco Guitar as Yoga Philosophy

Compassion ate Yogis

Extra Bonus Attractions  (Of More Specialized Interest)

Leadership Is Like Tennis, Not Egyptology. (With Apologies to my Egyptologist Friends)

Bob Meets Baba: Entrepreneur Meets Sadhu

First It Was Yobo, Now There is Ratra (Radical Traditional) Yoga