Poems and Articles.

Hi, everyone. I’ve published two major articles aimed at understanding the sublimely simple, profound, and livable philosophy of Yoga:

Yoga Demystified: The Six Big Ideas
Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell

Below is a companion collection of my own supporting poems and articles. (See also the many book and website recommendations at the end of Yoga Demystified.)


Poems & Musings

Bhagavad Gita for a Fish.

What Is It That Brings Us Happiness?

What If Every Breath You Took Was
Like Eating a Bite of Chocolate Cake?

Should We Worship the Sun,
or Should the Sun Worship Us?

Six Short Poems About Joy.

Each Moment is Like a Precious Diamond.

10 Things I Learned from Listening
to All 27 Mozart Piano Concertos.



Stephen Cope Changed My Life.
He Might Change Yours, Too.

How To Live an Extraordinary Life
~ Kripalu’s Stephen Cope.

True or False? Physical Yoga Has Influenced America
than Spiritual Yoga.

“Effortless Wellbeing”: Meditation as Everyday Life

How Yoga Has Transformed American Spirituality:
An Interview with Phil Goldberg, “American Veda”.

Bob vs. Buddhism: The Satisfying Conclusion.

Georg & Brenda Feuerstein—the Elephant Interview.

Yoga Can Change the World. Get Yourself Out of the Way!
~ Kripalu’s Stephen Cope, Part 2.

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