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Best of Yoga Philosophy–Past Two Weeks

I’ve combed the Internet every day to bring you another great crop of articles from Mantra Magazine, Rebelle Society, elephant journal, Psychology Today, Zen Garage, Smithsonian Associates, Yoganonymous, Nadalila, and YouTube

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The Meaning of Life–Who Cares? ~ “According to the ancient Yoga sages / Questioning the meaning of life / While living / Is like questioning the meaning of a roller coaster / In the middle of a roller coaster ride…”



Your Soul’s Desires ~ Rod Stryker ~ from Mantra Magazine ~ “Learning to honor your four desires compels you to thrive at every level, leads you to happiness and a complete and balanced life. Furthermore, the teachings on the four desires guide you to become who you meant to be and, in the process, to contribute to the world as only you can…”


{universe in you - via Tumblr}

The Unabridged Totality Of Life (In Under 700 Words). ~ Chris Grosso ~ “If I were to have died in that moment, it would have been as if perfection completely fulfilled itself — bringing me home…”


{photo: Sculpture by Natalia Rosenfeld,}

Did Patanjali Hate the Body? ~ Ramesh Bjonnes ~ “Our interpretation of yoga philosophy matters. Our translations may even have historical consequences. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2.40 is a case in point…”


Samsara by Chris Mare - People Portraits of Women Stock Photos on Pixoto

3 Insights into the Word “Samadhi” ~ Gabriel Azoulay ~ “You will discover the magic that lies when you start weaving breath into every aspect of your life, not just when you are on the yoga at doing asanas…”


Mindfulness Does Not Lead to Happiness ~ Tom Wootton ~ “We cannot truly know bliss until we see it in our pain. Once we find bliss in pain, we find it everywhere…”


English: Cat Play-fight

So You’re A Yogi: What About Politics? ~ Jeff McMahon ~ “I’ve seen activists turn ugly with hate, go shrill through attachment to their outrage, come unhinged when they couldn’t let go—or just wear out…”


Brain (The Power Of Mind)

The Genius of Consciousness ~ Tapasyogi Nandhi ~ “Ever since pathologist, Dr. Thomas Harvey harvested the scientist’s brain in 1955, researchers have tried to crack the mystery of Einstein’s genius by observing that brain…”


Smithsonian Resident Associates Program – The Essence of Yoga ~ Graham Schweig ~ I don’t usually post events, but Graham’s overview alone is so wise and informative, I’ll make an exception here! –Bob W.



How to Utilize Yoga When Making Difficult Choices ~ Scott Lewicki ~ “In a world of infinite possibilities, we are often faced with difficult situations that require us to choose among many options/that require from us tough decisions. How do we decide?”


The Buddha attacked by defilements

I let a song go out of my heart: an ear worm gets me thinking about karma ~ Sean Feit ~ “Being unbound means being free to choose. Free to engage, to rest, to meet the world as it is, or to let it be. To love the world, as Byron Katie says, as it is…”



A deeper materialism: Michael Stone at TEDxToronto – YouTube


Bob Profile PhotoBob Weisenberg is Editor of Best of Yoga Philosophy and former Yoga Editor & Assoc. Publisher of elephant journal. He is the author of Yoga Demystified, Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell, and Leadership Is Like Tennis, Not Egyptology. as well as Co-editor of Yoga in America and a contributor to The Poetry of Yoga. Contact Bob at facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

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