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Yoga in America: In the Words of Some of its Most Ardent Teachers.

September 6, 2012

What is Yoga Really Like in America?

Yoga in America, published in early 2009, was a book ahead of its time.  Long before the debate about what is and isn’t yoga heated up in the blogosphere, and all the narrow stereotypes that resulted, this book celebrated the actual wide diversity of Yoga in America, as told by passionate yoga teachers themselves.

There are 46 articles chosen out of over 500 submitted in an open competition, the brainstorm of publisher Deborah Bernstein.  I had the honor and pleasure of co-editing the book with Deborah.  This was the experience that led me a few months later to elephant journal and the development of elephant yoga, which follows in the same tradition of wide (some might say “wild”) diversity.

Today the entire book is available free online, and we have started publishing it article by article on elephant journal.  Here is an ongoing index of those articles so far for easy reference:

“The Downside to Down Dog” ~ Kelly Grey.

“Hot Yoga in America.” ~ Peter Sklivas

“Boiler Room Yoga” ~ Richard Wall

“Yoga Demystified: The Six Big Ideas” ~ Bob Weisenberg

“Reflections: ‘Yoga in America’ While Congress Holds America Hostage.” ~Hilary Lindsay

“You are Divine and Perfect” ~ Karen Pierce

“The Ancient Roots of Modern Yoga” ~ Tony Criscuolo

A Rose by Any Other Name: Indian Yoga & American Yoga. ~ Nina Moliver

“The Ancient Wisdom of Kriya Yoga is Alive & Well in America” ~ Camella Nair

“Learning to See.” ~ Ann Barros

The following Yoga in America co-authors have also published on elephant, although their Yoga in America articles are not on elephant yet (Click to see their work. Let me know if I missed anyone):

Amy Nobles DolanDeborah BernsteinHalli Bourne,

Kino MacGregorTracey L. Ulshafer

I love being able to share these writers with the elephant audience.



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