Worried about the Future of Education? Here’s the Answer. {Video}

This solution has it all. As the husband of an education consultant, this is the most hopeful news I’ve heard in years.

This solution has it all—universality, adaptability, scalability, relatively low cost, results driven, no trouble for unions, enhances all teachers’ performance, “in” with kids, etc., etc.

Khan Academy: The future of education?

With the backing of Gates and Google, Khan Academy and its free online educational videos are moving into the classroom and across the world. Their goal: to revolutionize how we teach and learn. Sanjay Gupta reports.

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3 replies on “Worried about the Future of Education? Here’s the Answer. {Video}”

It's AN answer and it might be part of a larger system of reform. Interestingly, I was recently directed to this, which looks like it is in the same vein: and also this:

I think that online education is potentially great: especially the idea of "flipping the classroom." We know that the biggest factor (at least at the Community College, where I am) in student success is engagement. By enabling greater resources for online instruction and "going at your own pace" facilitates engagement.

I think you still need to have the brick and mortar structures with teachers to provide additional structure and support.

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