elephant: you & facebook are the keys.

We want you to love elephant journal so much that you just can’t wait to tell all your friends about it.

Dear elephants,

You—and our mission to be of benefit—are our first, our last, our everything. We want you to love—and even be involved in—elephant journal so much that you can’t wait to share articles to your FB wall, tweet your fave articles and thoughts, leave respectfully critical or happy comments, write articles, volunteer to help edit a section (contact me), or whatever else you’d like to do.

Right now, Facebook accounts for a remarkable 60% of our readership (900,000 “unique” readers a month and climbing). Now, we’re refining our use of Facebook to make elephant work better for you.

Instead of just having our main FB page, which offers one article an hour, we’re offering many smaller community pages focused on “relationships,” “family,” “green,” “yoga,” “adventure,” “culture,” “enlightened society,” “funny,” “sexy,” etc. That way, you can, if you so choose, just follow the subjects you’re involved in, and hide our main page, and receive far fewer offerings.

The “Main Community Pages” will all be developed into their own strong “sub-magazines” on, with their own homepages and weekly Top 10 lists, just like elephant Yoga.  All of them already have their own volunteer editors:

Yoga / Green / Wellness  / Spirituality / Society
/ Culture / Love / Family / Work

You will see that some pages are well-established, and others are just getting started. Thanks to our so-far-volunteer web designer Colin (who needs help), we just added homepages for elephant Spirituality and elephant Health & Wellness.  See all elephant Facebook pages below.

Behind the scenes we’re also using Facebook to organize all our writing and inspiring, inspired volunteer teams to serve our mission better.

Please share any ideas about what you’d like to see.

Thanks for your support—without which independent media couldn’t survive, let alone thrive.

elephant journal on Facebook

“It’s about the mindful life—anything that helps us to live a good, fun life that also happens to be good for others, and the planet.”

An online magazine & community
devoted to mindful living.

“Bringing together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society—since 2002.”

elephant Front Page

Main Community Pages

Yoga / Green / Wellness  / Spirituality / Society

Food / Culture / Love / Family / Work


Special Interest

Best of elephant journal (Three articles per day)

Meditation / Gita Talk / Events & Causes  / Animal Rights / Walk the Talk Show

Ganesh / Sexy / Dining / Ecofashion / Bicycle / Young Elephants

Wow of the day / Funny / Adventure / I’m not “Spiritual.” I just practice being a good person.

Books, Videos, Music & Websites Reviews / StumbleUpon / Ashtanga Yoga / Bhakti Yoga



EuropeIndia / AustraliaAfrica / Latin America

Spain / Southeast Asia

Los Angeles / Boulder / Milwaukee

Europe (Discussion Group) / Caribbean / China / Japan /


Other Languages

elephant en Español /elephant en Français

9 replies on “elephant: you & facebook are the keys.”

I think there needs to be a Pennsylvania page in "geographic pages." Just because I really love PA. Would happy to front this effort down the road…. as soon as i have more time to play with elephant!! 🙂

Hey! I found this article through a Facebook share by a friend, amazing. I love Facebook and it is an important part of the marketing for my business to so go Facebook!!!! Best, Allan.

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