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Top 10 Elephant Yoga Blogs of the Week.

May 23, 2011

A couple of week ago I inadvertently missed Catherine Ghosh’s brilliant article Are you Hiding Depression behind your Yoga? Not only should it have been a top 10, it’s a shoo-in for one of the best of the year.

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Top 10 Yoga Blogs of the Week

Heal Your Adrenals in 5 Steps: Yoga, NYC, No Sugar, Forgive + Dump Caffeine

by Sara Gottfried, MD

Kids Yoga "abby wills"

How to Become an Effective Kids or Teens Yoga Teacher. ~ Abby Wills



Eden was boring. That’s why Eve ate that apple.

by Hilary Lindsay


Yoga Fills a Hole for Americans that Doesn’t Exist for Brazilians.

by Kimberly Johnson

Jesus or Krisna?

Do you speak “yoga”?

by Chelsea Roff (Yoga Modern)

Photo by Richard Freeda Photography at Elements Yoga & Wellness Center.

Anusara yoga®?

by Bernadette Birney

Megan cropped

Here’s Your Big Chance to Be a Yoga Model–Your Way: The So Hum Project.

by Erica Rodefer Winters


Working Outside Our Borders–in Art and in Yoga. ~ Lisa Wilson



Recipe for a Lovable Yogini.

by Alden Wicker


3 Ways to Enlightenment.

by Ramesh Bjonnes

Previous Week Top 10 ~ May 14

my asana

How are you wearing your asana?

by Brooks Hall


My Asana Kicks Your Asana’s Ass. ~ Brie Doyle


food rules yoga pollan

Michael Pollan on what yoga practitioners should eat.

by Waylon Lewis


4 Ways to Deal with Your Emotional Black Hole.

by Tanya Lee Markul


The Largest Yoga Studio in the World is in Curitiba, Brazil?

by Juliana McCarthy

Sadie Nardini Sedona headshot (reduced)

Are you a Superficial Yogi?

by Sadie Nardini


How to Get Everyone in Your Yoga Class to Hate You in 10 Easy Steps. ~ Kristina Chandler



Seize the Day, but Don’t Seize Up

by yoga 2.0 lab

drop in water

Why Yoga Means Union: The Spiritual, Historical and Psychological Reasons (And Why Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Had nothing To Do With It)

by Ramesh Bjonnes

Kimberly Johnson bio photo (reduced)

What Childbirth Taught Me that Yoga Never Could.

by Kimberly Johnson

Two Weeks Ago Top 10 ~ May 7


Yoga at San Quentin: Prisoner Interviews and Photos.

by Anneke Lucas

To My Biological Mom on Mother’s Day: Thank You For Carrying Me To Term & Giving Me These Great Parents!

by Jessica Durivage


What does a yoga body look like? Part 3 {Adult}

by Chelsea Roff (Yoga Modern)


Does My Inner Goddess Look Fat In These Jeans?

by Jennifer Fields


The Art of Not Being Lame.

by Bernadette Birney


Yoga and Your Body: Did Patanjali Really Say That Your Body Is Disgusting?

by Ramesh Bjonnes


69 Licks on Brahmacharya (and Sex), 2.0

by yoga 2.0 lab


Finding Ma in the Water Drop

by Benjy Wertheimer


“Dr. Khalsa, Your Patient Died”: Yoga and Cancer.

by Satkirin Khalsa


10 Things we can Learn from the Bizarre Case of Sai Baba (A Manifesto On Reality-Based Spiritual Empowerment!)

by Julian Walker

Three Weeks Ago Top 10 ~ Apr. 30


8 Short Stories that Reveal What Kind of Man Krishnamacharya Was.

by Claudia Azula Altucher

my buddha

19 Ways To Create Good Karma.

by Tanya Lee Markul


What’s Wrong With You? I Mean, Really?

by Sophie Legrand

Dove Anti-Aging Ad

What does a yoga body look like? Part 2.

by Chelsea Roff (Yoga Modern)


Tomorrow Yoga, Today Gin.

by Candice Garrett

Kara-Leah Grant

Getting out of my mind: drugs, yoga, meditation & me.

by Kara-Leah Grant


Intellectual Carelessness in Blogging is Discouraging.

by yoga 2.0 lab

That one time after Yoga Class when I did Coke off my Beth Moore Bible Study Workbook.

by Jessica Durivage


Are you a 24/7 Yogi ?

by Prasad Rangnekar

brain conscious

Yoga, Truth, and Dogma: 5 Ways of Knowing What’s Real.

by Ramesh Bjonnes

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