Flamenco Yoga Fusion: with Satkirin Khalsa.

Satkirn Khalsa surprised me last week with another video combining her inspiring Yoga with my flamenco guitar–Flamenco Yoga Fusion!

Satkirn Khalsa surprised me last week with another video combining her inspiring Yoga with my flamenco guitar–Flamenco Yoga Fusion!  (We are doing this live together at the upcoming Mountain Pose Yoga Conference at Copper Mountain, Colorado, July 7-10.)

You can see many other inspiring and instructional videos at Satkirin’s YouTube page.

Yoga and flamenco together is not as far-fetched as it sounds on the surface. Historians tell us that the Spanish gypsies originally emigrated from the same area in northern India where Yoga was born.  You can see it in the guitar playing, and equally so in flamenco song and dance.

For Satkirin’s original Flamenco Yoga Fusion Video, click here.  (Two flamenco guitar CD’s are free for streaming or download–Live at Don Quijote, with son Joey, and American Gypsy.)

Dr. Satkirin Khalsa
Integrated Health Medicine

Dr. Satkirin Khalsa’s background is a fascinating story. She has pursued an integrative medicine career since starting medical school at the University of New Mexico. Her interests in bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine began back in childhood when living in northern India. While there, at the age of 12, she was hospitalized and required conventional treatment for her illness. However, integrative therapies were also used, such as ayurveda and yoga, which aided the healing process.

Satkirin remained in India for 7 years for schooling. She traveled, studied yoga extensively, and encountered many amazing people, including Mother Teresa and Sir Edmond Hilary. She saw the Taj Mahal, visited various sacred and religious monuments, and hiked through beautiful forests in the foothills of the Himalayas. She also saw disease, pain and the misfortune of thousands of men, women and children.

While in India, Dr. Khalsa decided to help people through medicine. It was through her experiences in India that she understood the importance of modern medical breakthroughs, which can prevent, and cure disease, vaccines being one of them. But modern medicine also has its limitations. The eastern teachings that emphasize healing through nutrition and movement can also cure disease but has limitations as well.

This understanding led Satkirin to pursue a medical career that could blend the best of both ‘worlds’, and apply them safely and critically.

9 replies on “Flamenco Yoga Fusion: with Satkirin Khalsa.”

Great playing and good athletic flexibility but it is not nor will it ever be yoga.
It's just a show, you know entertainment.
All it amounts to is yet another dilution of the real yoga so we can be in a spotlight.
We do we feel such a great need to take something that healed and taught us timeless wisdom and then pervert it into something transient that is only a shadowy reflection of the thing we love.
Have a good show.

I am uncertain what your specific criticism is other than you really didn't like this video. I ask you, who are the "Yoga Police" and from whom are they invested with the authority to judge whether something is authentic or "perverted?" Truth via authority is precisely what the Enlightenment was reacting against and, in doing so, provided the underpinnings for mass-based western democracies such as our own. Rather, the Enlightenment acknowledged that the capability to "discover" new knowledge/truth potentially lies within us all. If you are critical of the improvisational elements of this video, that is, the melding of a soulful practice with equally soulful music, I would suggest to you that improvisation is intrinsically part of human nature throughout all of human culture. Jazz is an archetypal example of this but is just one of many. It is all about evolution and re-interpretation as each cohort moves through its time. I do not offer this as a flailing criticism of you, but rather I only wish to understand with clarity what you mean by this video being a "perversion" and ultimately self-serving on the part of the participants. Blessings. Peace, life, love

@Not easily impressed, I agree with you, but unlike practically all the other video demo performances, in this one, I do detect a mindfulness there. Of course, also, a degree of virtuosity of the kind that impressed me when I had been a rank beginner at yoga, but certainly not now! Realistically, I accept and perhaps unyogically embrace my limitations (I really am getting old …); I do know how I feel when I've stretched at my own edge… it's much more about how you feel than how you look, at any time … the music is superb …

If I never get like the way she is, I don't care. The last yoga teacher I'd said that to, in response did mayurasana at me; go figure … youth is wasted on the young …

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