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A Video Not To Be Missed by Daredevil Surfer Photographer Allan Wilson.

October 12, 2010

Once in a while I am so stunned by a video I just need to post it immediately.  This one defies easy description, but it’s about daredevil surfer crashing wave photographer Allan Wilson and his work.  

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  1. yogabird permalink

    Wow. Did I see this or was this a dream? Thanks for posting this! ~ Birdie

  2. cynthia permalink

    Blown away. The only way most of us will ever see such beauty, a gift. Thank you.

  3. Lynn Hasselberger permalink

    AMAZING! Thanks for posting this, Bob 🙂

  4. matless wonder permalink

    To live fully you go man on brutal coast keeping company of dolphins

  5. Rebecha permalink

    Breath taken…. chills of passion creeping up my spine

  6. Emer permalink

    Absolutely beautiful. We have this type of wave off the west of Ireland but never captured in such simplicity and beauty. Thank you for your work.

  7. Paula permalink

    Think of the beautiful ways priorities would align themselves if we all lived for our passion and not for our retirement. I like the notion of priorities aligning themselves instead of us aligning them.

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