The Other Side of Tara Stiles

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Yoga shows us how to focus on our breathing so we can be easy in our bodies. From there, things have a chance to strengthen, lengthen, and cultivate health. With force things break. Yoga shows us how to be efficient in our bodies and minds on the mat so we can be efficient in our lives.

We don’t have to be on our yoga mat to be practicing yoga and we don’t have to be in our yoga clothes to be at peace with ourselves. Effort with ease and easy effort is a result of practice. You become yoga when you practice. You live yoga. You are easy. You are at peace. You are efficient. You are confident. You are grounded. You are intuitive. You are creative.

You are these things all the time but we forget and things get in the way. Our psychology gets in the way. Our judgements get in the way. Our physical bodies, if not healthy, get in the way. Yoga clears the path for you to get everything out of the way. Yoga makes room for peace in your body.

When you feel at peace you’re going to make choices that enrich your life and everything you come into contact with. When you are at peace in your body your possibilities are limitless. When you feel stuck, insecure, judged, judgemental, or negative, peace is still there, it is just covered up under everything lying on top of it. It’s up to you to do the work to make the way for peace.

Give Peace A Chance For 5 minutes.

Try it out.  Wherever you are, begin to notice how you feel. Try not to judge how you feel. Notice how your body feels. Notice what your thoughts are. Notice where your self-esteem and your passions are. Do you feel tired, energized, or complacent? Notice. Observe and pay attention.

Now take a moment to remember what it feels like to be empowered, energized, excited, creative, and grounded. Focus on your breathing. When a thought comes into your brain, watch it come in, and watch it go – like you’d watch clouds go by on a summer day lying on your back on a warm grass patch.

Watch yourself. Know that you are capable of limitless possibilities. Know that your capabilities and potential need not be forced. Your will need not be forced on yourself. Allow yourself to be and allow yourself to know that your effort is enough. Your honest effort will carry you to where you need to be and where you need to be will always be right here inside yourself. You are your body. Treat your body well. You also live inside your body. Treat everything inside your body well. Treat yourself well. You’re worth it.

( By Tara Stiles, from the  
Nissan “Master the Shift” Facebook page: )

10 replies on “The Other Side of Tara Stiles”

Bob, Tara should pay you for all this publicity….I wish I had a free PR person!

but really, Bob….who died and made you Tara's defender all of a sudden? Inquiring minds want to know.

Bob, I am sure Tara Stiles do have another side, she seems like a sweet person, but this is not it. When these cute pieces of writing, which certainly do have some helpful reminders, come served on a corporate platter as part of a Toyota commercial, it is really the same side: the selling of products by any cute, sexy means necessary. In this case, it is a yoga babe that is being used, next time it might be a sexy actress doing yoga, but still mainly selling cars.
Picture yourself an old, potbellied Iyengar selling these cars. Is that what's next, or he he just not famous or sexy enough! Or is it that he simply has too much integrity not to bite on these corporate offers?

Hi, it never ceases to amaze me how much favorable talk surrounds Tara Stiles.
Having never met her it´s pretty hard to tell whether "she is truly yogic or not" (whatever that means anyways. The more I´ve read it lately the more it actually waters down the semantics.)
I pretty much stick to my own home practice as it is kind of hard for me to get to classes regularly. That´s what´s brought me to looking up yoga classes on youtube. Tara´s classes weren´t the first ones I found but Sadie Nardini´s were. I know that her approach is viewed as being pretty asana- centered but that´s what originally drew me to yoga I have to admit. In comparison to Sadie´s classes- which I as a beginner thought were very helpful because of her accuracy, small tricks that kind of really change your feeling in a certain asana, and her frequently- added adjustments, always found a lack of this certain clarity in Tara´s videos. They pretty much just showed wonderfully done asanas that seemed to be for the audience but which were really just accompanied by – " kinda shake out your foot like that.." and no detail on how your alignment actually should be put into right place.
Her videos always seemed replacable and the way she talks seems to be the way that pretty much every teacher / instructor in the U.S. talks. Not bad, but nothing incredibly outstanding.

I want to state again that I never actually met her or took a class of hers. Just wanted to add to the discussion I guess.

Hi, Judy. Thank you for writing.

I respect your opinion, but to me this doesn't seem like fluff at all. Here's my Pepsi challenge. I challenge anyone to come up with a more compelling and effective one page introduction to the practice of Yoga for someone who is completely new to the subject.

I can't be the judge, of course, so I appoint Carol Horton of Carol Horton Books to judge the entries, which can be made right here on this blog.

I didn't ask her ahead of time, so she may tell me to take a hike. But I'll take a chance that she'll accept the mission. She can choose additional judges if she likes.

I'm seriously interested in what else one could say to a neophyte reader that would be as accurate, interesting and gently inviting as this. I'm open to being convinced otherwise!

If nothing else we can all have some fun.

Bob Weisenberg

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