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The Greatest Rock Album of All Time

July 14, 2010

No contest: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek and the Dominos.

Then it occurred to me that it’s remotely possible, remotely I say, that not everyone agrees. 

So I said to myself, this might make an interesting Elephant discussion (just to verify the obvious.)

What do you think?

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  1. It's a good'n, with the legendary Clapton/Allman guitar interplay, as well as some great wailing unrequited love lyrics ("anyday, anyday, I can see you smile, anyway, anyway, just for a little while," "it's all wrong, but it's alright, the way that you treat me, baby," "why does love got to be so sad"…oh, if only I didn't know so well what all that's about…

    My pick for all time best rock album, though, would be the incomparable Blonde on Blonde by Mr. Robert Zimmerman.

  2. chugai permalink

    Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols

    • Another good one. In terms of expressing pure raw barely controlled rage, nothing else comes close.

      • What's so great about raw barely controlled rage?

      • Well, nothing. Then, the same can be said about having the hots for your best friend's wife, the lyrical topic of the Layla album.

      • Yeah, I know it's just personal preference, but for me it's 90% about the music and only 10% the lyrics. My singer/songwriter son ( free streaming, my other son's the lead guitar ) will often say to me, did you hear that great lyric? And usually I have to say, no, what's this song about, anyway? He writes wonderful lyrics.

        Bob W.

  3. stefan permalink

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  4. Suasoria permalink

    The Clash, "London Calling."

  5. Linda P. permalink

    Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

  6. Layla permalink

    Ten – Pearl Jam ~ hands down

  7. Fighting permalink

    Sticky Fingers – Stones

  8. steve permalink

    the beatles (white album)

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