Yoga for Kids–Donna Freeman’s Indispensible New Book

If you have the slightest interest in Yoga for kids, you need to get your hands on Once Upon a Pose  by Donna Freeman.   Save youself some shipping by ordering the multiple copies you’re going to want for all your friends.  (And make sure you browse Donna’s incredible website while you’re at it.)   ‘Nuf said!

3 replies on “Yoga for Kids–Donna Freeman’s Indispensible New Book”

I was wondering why there weren't any comments here. Elephant readers don't have kids? Elephant readers kids don't like Yoga? Then I discovered the conversation was all going on at Elephant's Facebook site! :

Molly Nechvatal I am a middle school teacher, and have taught yoga to my students now and then. they LOVE it! It is the only time I have heard kids describe themselves as "feeling calm". I also use yoga with my athletes – sun salutations to warm up or stretch, guided visualization to gain confidence.

Katharina Hren i started teaching yoga as part of my german curriculum when i was teaching at a waldorf school – it's such a great way to teach language, especially in terms of how our bodies tell our own stories. i hope to teach at risk kids yoga. and i ordered the book! thank you…

Luna Annie Carr Richards just ordered the book 🙂

Manzanita Littleapple yoga for kids (of all ages, young and old) = great great great!

Adora Adams Ross Last summer we had occupational therapists teach students with disabilites yoga to help them meet their IEP goals. The students did benefit and loved the program. If they do it again this summer I will get pictures to post. Harris-Hillman School, Nashville, TN

Great to see the conversation.
@Katharina – you may enjoy the German version of 8 Dirty Truths about Teaching Kids Yoga
also this interview regarding language learning thru yoga

@Adora – teaching adaptive yoga to students with special needs is amazing – you'll find lots of articles and suggestions on my site – just search 'special needs' 'autism' 'down syndrome' 'cerebral palsy'

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