Graham Schweig’s Rapturous Vision of the Gita

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Graham Schweig is one of the world’s leading Gita and Sanskrit scholars. This 7 min. video expresses his vision of the Gita in the rapturous language of love. 

Think about how Schweig’s “God is Love” vision of the Gita compares to Stephen Mitchell’s God as the “Life-Force of the Universe“.  

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15 replies on “Graham Schweig’s Rapturous Vision of the Gita”

Not a problem, Bob….
Yes, I've seen the video and I liked it very much. I'm thinking this version would be good for the extra commentary. It's also available for the Kindle as well as the ipad. I am reading the introduction now from the book sample I downloaded. So it sounds like you would definitely recommend this version!

Absolutely. Between the Mitchell and the Schweig you've really got the waterfront covered, although I know there are great versions out there I've never seen.

Later on after everyone's deeply familiar with Mitchell I'm going to do a Gita Talk where I ask people to talk about the other versions they love and why. But Mitchell and Schweig are a powerful combination. They should keep you entranced for awhile!

Bob Weisenberg

I had the opportunity to study under Dr. Schweig for several years. He truly has a gift when it comes to his translations and understanding of the text. I would love talk about the two different Gitas sometime, Bob. I've written a fair amount using Schweig's translations, so I may be a bit one sided— if that is possible here.

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