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Gita Talk–An Experiment in Online Book Discussion

April 17, 2010

(I considered removing this very first Gita Talk blog, but I decided to leave it in so you can see Gita Talk’s humble beginnings.  Originally I was hoping I could cajole 5-6 of my blogosphere friends to participate.)

Hi, Everyone.  I’m looking for a few volunteers to participate in an online book discussion.  We’ll read through the Bhagavad Gita together and discuss it on my Elephant Journal blog, with simultaneous posts to Yoga Journal Community.

All you’ll be committing to is reading the book and making a comment on each of my blog posts, which will come out chapter-by-Chapter about once a week.  (The book is short–only 205 pages.)

The discussion will, of course, be open to anyone,  just like any other blog.   But I want to make sure I have a core group of participants before I get started.

Please see
Welcome to Gita Talk  
for all Gita Talk blogs and general information. 
Jump in anytime and go at your own pace.

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  1. I'd love to join the Bhagavad Gita Gang! Never read it except for a bit in school. Great idea, Bob, we'll see if others join.

  2. i'd be interested in joining; i read bits of the Bhagavad Gita all the time (well, often… 😉

  3. Bob permalink

    I'm in. have not read it in awhile. but did listen to it about a year ago

  4. I am interested in participating, and a little shy about committing. But I would do my best!

  5. Please, count me in. I look forward to finally learning what I have heard so much about. Namaste'.

    • Oh, and as for a name…what are we all looking for? A good, happy peaceful life. Gita Life.

  6. As time permits, I would be happy to join in.

    • P.S. The translation I have is… ooops! went to the bookshelf and it was gone! Not unusual. My daughters are avid readers. Well, what translation or version do you propose we use?

      • Ah, I see you are using Stephen Mitchell's translation. Okay.

  7. elaine permalink

    Sweet! I’m in!

    Is there a particular translation, or will any do? I have a copy that’s been gathering dust on my bookshelf.


    • We will be reading the Stephen Mitchell version of the Gita shown above. See my short review and a link to Amazon at . (You can read along in another version, but discussions can be clumsy with different translations, and we will be discussing his commentary, too, so I hope everyone will get the Mitchell version.

  8. Candace permalink

    I’m interested.

  9. Sounds great—I'd love to do it.

  10. Hollie Hirst permalink

    What an awesome idea! I'm in 😀
    I'm reading the gita right now anyway and would love to discuss it with a community!

  11. via

    Jennifer Justus

    Lauri Shepro Smith

    Gini Mennenga
    Im in for a second read!

    Doreen Helmly
    I'm in

    Kelsi Coia
    Oooo!! I want to join!!

    Kerry Tsang
    I'm in!!

    Bonnie Lind
    Yes for me!

    Diane Booth Gilliam

    Kristen Lang Frydenberg
    I'm in!

    Alexandra Biondo Strickland

    Leslie Trujillo Wright
    I'd like to!

    Donna Baier Stein

    Marie De Los Reyes
    Im in, intrigued about it since Liz Gilbert wrote something about it in Eat, Pray,Love.

    Natalie Scott
    I'm interested:)

    Kimberly Farrell
    Yes please!
    Comment on the blog above, so Bob can be in touch with all of you.

  12. Amy Champ permalink

    Sounds like a great idea! Which version will we use?

  13. christina permalink

    I love the Gita, favorite is 18:64-65. Would be interested in being part of this group!

  14. Responded by FB, but think I’m supposed to here as well?…In!

  15. OK. Well that certainly answers my question about whether there is enough interest! This will be great.

    We will be reading the Stephen Mitchell version of the Gita show above. See my short review and a link to Amazon at . You can read along in other versions, but discussions can be clumsy with different translations, and we will be discussing his commentary, too, so I hope you will all get the Mitchell version.

    I will put out a new blog tomorrow announcing the starting schedule, which will give everyone plenty time to get the book.

    Thank you for your very enthusiastic response.

  16. Here’s another one:

    “I believe in most versions, the charioteer is named ‘Krishna,’ not ‘Reagan.’ I really wish you’d stop using the Sarah Palin translation, Bob…”

  17. brazillianhippie permalink

    I am innnnn!

  18. Elizabeth permalink

    Please include me. I read it in college for a class entitled "The Bhagavad Gita as a mytho-speculative meditation on the order of human existence." but that was a long time ago.

    • Hi, Elizabeth.

      That's just the catchy title I was looking for! Just kidding. Suffice it to say our orientation here will be quite a bit different. Not to say we won't get academic from time to time.

      We'll discuss whatever people bring up. But my personal interest is more toward how the Bhagavad Gita applies to everyday life.

  19. Holly permalink

    Please include me! I'd love to read Bhagavad Gita and participate in the book club!

  20. Jess permalink

    I would like to join this group!

  21. Tantrik permalink


  22. EllRll permalink

    Count me in!

  23. Yes, this is worth dropping a plate or two or ten from my juggling act. What a great idea! As per your request for name of group suggestions: (Gita Gathering), (Gita Gab), (Got Gita?)

  24. This is a good idea: count me in.

  25. I'd be in. Reading the Gita has been on my to-do list for a while now.

  26. Nathan Smith permalink

    You rock, Bob!

    I'm going to try to follow along. LOVE it!!

  27. Vanita permalink

    Sounds great! I’d participate.

  28. I would definitely like to give it a shot. I have been hoping to read it, and this is the version that I have. What a wonderful idea, thanks!

  29. would love to join in!

  30. Great idea Bob, I am in

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