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The Rest is Commentary.

December 22, 2009

Yoga on the mountain in Greece

Yoga philosophy is sublimely simple and profound.
It can all be expressed in three phrases.

 At first I thought Yoga was complicated.

Then I wrote about about it
And it began to seem simple.

 I started reading the ancient texts
And Yoga again seemed complicated.

 But the better I knew
The Yoga Sutra, The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads

The more I realized

 Yoga philosophy is sublimely simple and profound.

 It can all be expressed in three phrases:


As they say about the Golden Rule
All the rest is commentary.


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  1. But, as Oprah says, the question is: "we know what the goal is. How is the question! How do we do it?!"

  2. And as Arthur Rubinstein answered (or so it is rumoured when it was he who was asked for directions, "how do you get to Carnegie Hall"), "Practice, practice, practice."

  3. Bob, I just re-read those three lines. Can you explain what you mean by detatching ego from results? Thanks for that. It's very thought provoking, The photo is amazingly beautiful and textured. Where was it taken? Best regards, Michael

    • Hi, Michael. Another way of saying "detach ego from results" is to experience the world in a far less judgmental way, particularly when it comes to our self-image. Work hard at whatever results you want. But don't be dependent on the results for your happiness.

      (Ironically, this often leads to better results, as in sports psychology. Athletes know that to play their best and enjoy the game, they have to focus on the present moment and not be so concerned about the outcome. Same with life. See "Yoga Tennis" )

      Bob Weisenberg

    • I found the picture on one of those free stock photo sites. It's labeled only "Yoga in Greece", so I don't know anything more about it.

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